Monday, February 26, 2007

Something of the Night - Mary McMullen

First published 1980; cover shown is the 1986 Jove Books (USA) paperback edition. Cover art uncredited.

Recently divorced Kells Cavanaugh receives a letter from his six year old son Markie, begging for help. Markie is living with his mother, Caroline, in London along with Bridget, the indispensable Irish nanny. Kells is working in his native New York, but the strange letter from his son disturbs him enough to ensure he is on the next plane to England.

Caroline has just become engaged to a real estate agent, Ian Milford. Markie is terrified of Ian, but can't explain why. Settling in to his company's London offices, Kells starts his own form of investigation into Ian's background and lifestyle. He accepts the eager help of a young woman from the London office and leaves Markie in Bridget's capable, safe hands.

Kells dislikes Ian from the start, but knows he can't condemn a man on the basis of a child's distrust. He's starting to think there is nothing solid behind Markie's fear - until a business associate of Ian's turns up dead, shot in the back. Now it's a race against time to ensure Markie's safety...

Pushed along by a second mystery involving poison pen letters in the London office, this was another good story from McMullen, with great characterisation and a happy ending that made sense.

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