Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bean goes on a diet, eats rotten apples

When Bean is carrying something in his mouth and runs around my drought-ravaged backyard, he oinks and grunts and sounds just like a pig... When he's fed up with sleeping and wants me to get out of bed, he groans and moans and carries on like he's so bored... When it's late at night and he's sleepy and gentle, and I take advantage of that to kiss his soft, wrinkled forehead, he makes a contented ummmmm sound... When I play tug with him in the back yard using his favourite rubber ring, he growls deep in his throat and sounds like an angry wolf...

This week he went to the vet (again!) because he was having toilet troubles. Turns out a dietary allergy may be to blame, so he's on a chicken diet at the moment. Chicken mince mixed with sardines for breakfast, an entire chicken frame for his main meal when I get home from work, and a tiny scoop of chicken mince mixed with mashed pumpkin and carrot for dinner. He still manages to eat an unknown amount of dried apple, plum and peach every day though, from underneath the fruit trees in my yard.

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