Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bean starts to grow on me

Bean has now been with me for a week. Things are much better than they were at the start, though I'm still having to take each day at a time. He's a great dog - quick to learn obedience, very affectionate and, of course, incredibly good looking! He'll settle in fine... it's just me who needs more time to adjust.

The last week has been very busy and full-on. Thursday and Friday he was home alone in his outdoor pen while I was at work. On Sunday Bean learnt some much-needed basic obedience such as sit, drop, wait and how to walk well on a lead (thanks Diane!). Monday he went to the vet to be desexed (no walks for a week - impossible with an energetic Staffy!). Tuesday he recuperated at my parent's place while I was at work.

And today, five minutes after leaving him in his pen and driving off to work, I hit a car which failed to give way to me and completely crushed in the front of my car. The car's undrivable and it will take a fortnight for the repairs to be completed. Talk about a run of stressful situations!

My favourite Beanie Baby moment so far: I was sitting on the floor of the lounge room in the dark on the weekend, feeling very down and sorry for myself, when Bean crawled to me on his stomach and slowly licked my foot. I think he likes me!

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