Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bean starts school and gets fat

Somehow I've lasted through the first month with Bean... I'm still getting up at 6:30 every morning to take him for a walk, and I'm still heading out every afternoon for another walk. It doesn't seem to make much difference though, as the little monster never runs out of energy.

We started the Beginner's Class at the local obedience dog club last Sunday. He had great fun meeting the dozens of other dogs (on walks he only gets to look, but here he actually got to look and smell, so he was in heaven!) but wasn't so excited about the actual class. We stood in the middle of a recreation reserve in the blazing sun for over an hour, learning how to heel (something we will never use in real life), and how to do right and left about turns (also something we will never use in real life).

He's also piling on the kilos at the moment. I guess the change from a lifetime of processed foods to a new diet of fresh, raw bones, meat and vegies is the cause, because he's definitely getting more exercise than he used to. He's not actually overweight, just much more solid and muscled. Which only makes him cuter in my eyes!

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