Sunday, October 07, 2007

Latest paperback finds

The Type-Writer Girl - Grant Allen (writing as Olive Pratt Rayner).
2004 edition of the 1897 novel.

The story of one of the infamous "New Women": she smokes cigarettes, rides a bicycle and wears "rational" clothing.

Conversations in a Brothel: Men Tell Why They Do It - Jacquelynne Bailey.

The Seeing Eye - Josephine Bell.

1963 Hodder Yellow Jacket edition.

The disgruntled art student... the neurotic boyfriend... the egocentric eye-surgeon... the shady psychiatrist... the safe-cracking old lag. Which of them killed Oswald Burke?

The 2nd Fontana Book of Horror Stories (1973; edited by Christine Bernard).

Features 'Something Strange' by Kingsley Amis, 'The Hound of Death' by Agatha Christie and 'As Gay as Cheese' by Joan Aiken, among others.

I Am Still the Greatest Says Johnny Angelo - Nik Cohn.
1970 Penguin Books edition.

As Johnny Angelo grew older, he grew more and more evil. Then Johnny became a pop singer.

The Night of Wenceslas - Lionel Davidson.
1964 Penguin Books edition (No. 1758).

Alas Poor Father - Joan Fleming.
1976 Fontana Books edition.

Young Man, I Think You're Dying - Joan Fleming.
1973 Fontana Books edition.

W. Sledge is a smug, crafty, petty criminal in his early twenties. Theft pays... but it bores W. Sledge. So does his 14-year-old Indian mistress. He dreams of bigger crimes, of classier birds. The dreams turn to psychopathic fantasy, and Sledge kills. And kills again...

Inclination to Murder - Harriet Hunter.
1966 Robert Hale first edition.

A suburban train journey becomes a nightmare, as a young woman, one of the few late-night travellers, is advised by a stranger to leave the train at the next stop.

Surfeit of Lampreys - Ngaio Marsh.
1955 Penguin Books edition (No. 1100).

My first Ngaio Marsh!

The Misplaced Corpse - A. E. Martin.
The 1992 Wakefield Crime Classics reprint of the 1944 Australian crime novel.

Australia's original female private eye, Rosie Bosanky, is nineteen, red-headed and hard-boiled. She's also determined to see the killer of her father hang.

Ill Met By a Fish Shop on George Street - Mark McShane.
The 1969 King Crime/Hodder first edition.

From the author of one of my all-time favourite crime novels: 'Seánce on a Wet Afternoon'.

The Trouble-Maker - Jean Potts.
The 1973 Victor Gollancz first edition.

Bang-Bang You're Dead and Other Stories - Muriel Spark.
Going up to Sotheby's and Other Poems - Muriel Spark.
The Public Image - Muriel Spark.

All Penguin Book editions, thanks to the secondhand bookshop in Creswick.

A Book of Strange Stories Chosen by Herbert van Thal.
1954 Pan Books edition.

Features 'The Cyprian Cat' by Dorothy L. Sayers, 'The Dwarfs' by Aldous Huxley and 'Nemesis' by Phyllis Bentley.

Ed Gein: Psycho - Paul Anthony Woods.
The revised and updated Nemesis edition of the true crime classic.

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