Monday, November 19, 2007

Jim Thompson fiction quotations

"The kid announced that he had gone his limit; he had nothing left but his ass and his pants, and they both had holes in them..."
(Texas by the Tail by Jim Thompson, 1965)

"You might think it wasn't real nice to kick a dying man, and maybe it wasn't. But I'd been wanting to kick him for a long time, and it just never seemed safe until now."
(Pop. 1280 by Jim Thompson, 1964)

"I've loafed streets sometimes, leaned against a store front with my hat pushed back and one boot hooked back around the other - hell, you've probably seen me if you've ever been out this way - I've stood like that, looking nice and friendly and stupid... And all the time I'm laughing myself sick inside."
(The Killer Inside Me by Jim Thompson, 1952)

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