Thursday, March 13, 2008

Axe by Ed McBain

Details: First published 1964; cover shown is the 1969 Penguin Books (UK) paperback reprint. Cover photograph by Tony Palladino. 157p.

Bought for $4.50 from Book Mark, Bendigo, Australia.

Blurb: "The axe had been wedged into the janitor's skull, splitting it wide open... that's how Steve Carella's most complex case began.

The 'leads' lead in all directions: a too-obvious Negro suspect; a small-time crap-game; a pre-war tax swindle; the janitor's mad wife and strange son, both expensively cared for...

When the next victim is an 87th Precinct man, a slow-burning case flares into a red-hot outrage and every available cop sets out on a personal manhunt for the killer."

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