Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Guaranteed Rest in Peace and Other Macabre Tales

Details: Cover shown is the 1966 NEL/Four Square (UK) first edition paperback. 223p.

Bought for 30 cents from a Uniting Care opportunity shop.

"A score of wickedly chilling stories, all with a diabolical twist... quiet horror that curdles the blood... the other side of life as seen by Hitchcock's favourite thriller writers.

Selected and presented by the man with the perfect taste in terror, this collection comes with a typical Hitchcock guarantee - read the stories and then rest in peace... IF YOU CAN!"

Features: Twenty stories, including The Awful Experiment by Michael Zuroy, Dig We Must by Jeff Heller, Mr Kang vs The Demon by Maxwell Trent, The Thing in the Closet by Don Tothe, Ruby Martinson and the Great Coffin Caper by Henry Slesar, The Egg Head by Rog Phillips and Requiem for Grandma by Marvin Karp.

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