Monday, March 10, 2008

Mr J. G. Reeder Returns by Edgar Wallace

Details: First published 1965; cover shown is the 1969 Hodder Paperbacks (UK) second impression. 158p.

Bought for $2.75 at a Salvation Army op shop.

"Mr J. G. Reeder claimed to have the mind of a criminal - which was why he had put behind bars more men than any police officer in Scotland Yard... When half a million pounds in gold bullion disappeared overnight there was more than one furrowed brow in the Yard... Was it the work of a professional gang? Or was it, perhaps, the act of some former-day Goldfinger? Lust for gold can lead a man to do many things - but robbery leads to only one thing. That's if Mr Reeder has anything to do with it, anyway."

Verdict: This is a collection of two Wallace stories: The Treasure House and The Shadow Man. I started the first story and managed to read all of Chapter One before giving up. I was bored, and the thought of spending two hours of my life reading this was too much. The writing was very dry, the characters flat and the language was too dated.

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