Friday, April 04, 2008

The Second Hammer Horror Film Omnibus by John Burke

Details: Cover shown is the 1967 Pan Books (UK) first paperback edition. Cover artist uncredited. 349p.

Blurb: "Four films from the House of Hammer, supreme makers of nerve-tingling screen horror, here presented as four spine-chilling novels."

The Reptile: From the steaming jungles of Borneo to a remote Cornish village came the fiendish curse that turned a lovely young girl into a nameless horror.

Dracula, Prince of Darkness: Blood mingles with ashes and so becomes a life-giving force to the evil desires of a vampire.

Rasputin, The Mad Monk: Hypnotist, seducer, libertine and drunkard... he ruled he Tsar's court like a devil incarnate.

The Plague of the Zombies: Infamous voodoo ritual casts its barbarous shadow over a village of 'the undead'.

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