Thursday, April 10, 2008

UV by Serge Joncour

Details: First published in France in 2003; cover shown is the 2005 Black Swan (UK) edition. Cover art by Gillian Blease; design by Gavin Morris. 187p.

$5 at a book clearance in a badminton centre.

Blurb: "On a hot and lazy sun-drenched afternoon, when one affluent family are at their most docile, most vulnerable, most ripe for the picking, a handsome stranger unexpectedly turns up, and lingers poolside. A master of the art of deception, Boris introduces himself as a friend of Philip, the feckless brother. No matter that Philip has been unreachable for days and yet to arrive for the summer holiday, Boris is welcomed with open arms.

As the island's spectacular Bastille Day fireworks celebration looms ever nearer, and Philip's arrival feels increasingly imminent, Boris is embraced wholeheartedly into the family fold. No one seems to notice as he carefully exerts a powerful and sinister influence over them all..."

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