Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Found: homemade evening dress

I found this sleeveless dress in a Shepparton (country Victoria) op shop, and took it home with me for the amazing outlay of just $3.50. It's homemade, but of definite wear-in-public quality, and is a gorgeous shade of mauve/rose.

The full skirt (a true "circle" skirt) ends a good inch or two below the knee, and the unknown dressmaker even included hidden pockets on either side of the hips.

It has an elasticised waist that seems a bit high (obviously this is a big reason why things are homemade: to fit particular measurements perfectly), but I've solved this by adding a wide, black elastic belt from the 1980s. The belt is also an op shop find - I think it was 50 cents.

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