Sunday, May 18, 2008

Found: 1960s chainmail purses

I found these two vintage purses at one of the best hidden op shops in town - connected to a local church, they're only open on Fridays and they don't seem to advertise. I got lost in the suburbs a few years ago and found the shop on my way back to civilisation.

It's a treasure trove, with stacks of bags and racks of clothing, mostly 80s and 90s stuff but here and there you'll find some amazing things. I've come across leather saddle bags from the 70s in mint condition, French-made scarves, a 60s sundress, a jar of diamante buttons and a stack of old Phantom comics.

The two purses were $1.00 each. The white one is a genuine Oroton piece, with gold fixtures. It had a few marks but they wiped right off. The gold one has no tags or logos, and is in perfect condition.


CurlyPops said...

Wow! What a score...they're gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

A work colleague would be really interested in the stack of Phantom comics you found, but she's not in till June.

Loving your new look blog! :D

Ali :)