Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Found: 1960s child's coat

I found this amazing child's tweed coat about five years ago in a Ballarat op shop which has since closed down. I paid $7.50 for it, which seemed a lot at the time, especially as I didn't have a child and still don't. But it was too exquisite to leave behind. It's in amazing condition - no doubt the original owner thought it was too nice and the poor child it was bought for never got to wear it.

Made by 'Hunting' brand and stamped a size 26, all indications say it's a 1960s item. Measuring 50cm from shoulder to hem, it is double breasted and features a fake fur collar and lining. There are six pockets on the front, four with zips, and both sleeves have decorative buttons just above the cuff. The tweed fabric is quite heavy, and it would be a very warm and cosy coat, especially with the fur collar and lining.

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