Thursday, July 03, 2008

Covers: Heyer, Brown, Taylor & Fleming

Not a crime novel, but I couldn't resist the cover.
This is an early undated German hardcover edition of Georgette Heyer's The Grand Sophy, first published 1950.
No details of the wrapper artist. 349p.

Not sure why I picked this one up. A previous owner has gone through it and used a blue pen to tick all the racy paragraphs.
The Girl From Outer Space is one of the many pulpy titles in The Carter Brown Mystery Series.
This is the 1966 first edition paperback from Horwitz (Aust). 126p.

Our Father's Lies by Andrew Taylor.
First published 1985, this is the 1986 Penguin (UK) paperback.234p.
Cover art by David Shannon; cover design by Neil Stuart.

I found this in the $2 clearance bookcase at a local used bookshop.
The Good and the Bad by Joan Fleming.
First published 1953, this is the 1975 Fingerprint Series hardcover from Hamish Hamilton (UK).
Wrapper design by Beverly Lebarrow. 213p.

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