Thursday, September 04, 2008

Maigret's Little Joke - Georges Simenon

First published in France in 1957; cover shown is the 1961 Arrow (UK) paperback edition.
160p. Mystery fiction.

First sentence: The little old man with the small goatee beard was again emerging from the shadow of the warehouse, backwards, looking to left and right, with a movement of both hands as if to draw towards himself the heavy lorry whose manoeuvre he was guiding.


Gavin L. O'Keefe said...

CC, this is another of those great 60s covers - using a painting style I'd love to emulate. It's almost Impressionist - but it's also very 60s.
Now, one of these days I must find the time to read some Maigret books...

Chocolate Cobwebs said...

I prefer Simenon's non-series fiction, and this book will be my first taste of Maigret. Let me know what you think of him when/if you read one of his books.

I also picked up a new copy of Simenon's 'The Man Who Watched The Trains Go By' (what a great title!) in Canberra... only to find a 1950s paperback copy with a great cover in a secondhand store the next day.

Gavin L. O'Keefe said...

I will make a point of reading a Maigret novel soon - it's way past time for me to do so! And I'll definitely let you know how I find it.